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Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine

As many of you know, I have been working with the Ukrainians of  Colorado during the past year in organizing a shipment of humanitarian aid to Ukraine (Big Box I) which was sent from Denver via ship in New Jersey in the spring which arrived in Odessa this May.  The container included clothing, bandages, children’s toys, etc.  I […]

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Community Development

One role of community development is to assist your site staff with exploring resources and learning how to do as much of the process as possible by themselves.  The three NGOs that I work with are Flora (that works on children’s rights), MAMA86 (that works on water quality), and Territory of Success (that works on legal […]

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Presentation at local school in Kirovograd

My new life as a PCV has started with getting to know the community.  In the first two weeks after my arrival in Kirovograd, I visited two of the local schools with Stacy and Ola, office colleagues.  The topics of ecology, recycling, democracy, differences and similarities between civic society in Ukraine and the US stimulated lots […]

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Exploring Kirovograd

Kirovograd is in the center of Ukraine and has a lot of interesting things to see.  There is a refurbished Opera, a Philharmonia (closed until September), many art and history museums, castle ruins, a lovely Dendra Park with rides, dancing and entertainment, and bazaars.  In addition, there is a large library with a very active Windows […]

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About this Blog

NGO FLORA is not the first year working with international funds and international NGOs and we have a successful experience of collaboration and communication with citizens of other countries and when we started to cooperate with the Peace Corps in Ukraine we knew that this would be another positive experience for us. In June 2013 […]

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Washington’s tribute to Taras Shevchenko

The Taras Shevchenko Memorial in Washington, DC is located in a lovely residential neighborhood near Dupont Circle.  It was completed in 1962 to recognize the Ukrainian poet and artist who symbolizes freedom in his native country. The memorial was supported and paid for by the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America  and thousands of Ukrainian Americans.  […]

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 19, 2015, is a U.S. holiday honoring the birthday of a great American, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who was born on January 15, 1929, in the city of Atlanta, in the state of Georgia, USA. Dr. King was a Baptist minister and an advocate of human rights and civil rights—one’s ability to participate […]

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The Christmas holiday in the USA starts after Thanksgiving in late November and lasts until New Year Day.  Although originally a sacred Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, the holiday has evolved into a festive season of gift-giving and partying enjoyed by people of many different faiths. Soon after Thanksgiving holiday, stores display […]

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Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving is the favorite holiday of many Americans.  Originally planned as a day to give thanks for the year’s harvest, over the years it has evolved to become a day to enjoy good food, the company of family and friends, parades, and American-style football.  Thanksgiving in the USA is celebrated on the 4th Thursday in […]

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Organic food in the USA

New trends in food shopping have occurred in the US recently. Today many people in the US worry about the quality and safety of the food they eat.  Many people fear pesticides and chemicals used in growing fruits, vegetables, and grains may harm their health.  They also worry about genetically modified (GM) foods, in which […]

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